One day I got two "free" books in the mail, and I could cancel receiving books I would have to pay for in the future if I didn't like the first two. The problem is, I received four more books on the same exact day and now I'm stuck with a bill for $25.

They would gladly accept the books back, but only if I paid thirteen dollars in shipping to get them back to them. What a joke.

I am never going to buy a book published by Harlequin again, and I would advise anyone to do the same. It's time companies know they are at the mercy of the consumer.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problems with payment of book. Harlequin needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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I just got an invite for a trial of their "Love Inspired" series for $1.NOWHERE in the invite does it detail the specifics if I choose to continue with the subscription.I'll take advantage of the trial offer, and if like the author of this post, experience the same outcome, I'm prepared to take legal action against them, along with creating a petition.There is ZERO transparency here.You may ask why I would follow thru with the invitation and the potential outcome. Because I want to make a point to them, by taking legal action and creating a petition, showing them they cannot continue to promote in this manner.I'm subscribed to a few other subscription book services which are not Harlequin, but started as a trial. Significant difference is ALL pertinent details of how the subscription service would be administered if I chose to continue, WITHIN the trial offer invitation, were provided.


When you received the next books, you should have wrote Return to Sender and then sent in the card that said thank you for the 2 books, but not interested.


The same thing has happened to me and they are sending multiple letters that say "Pay in full to avert Future action". This will go to collections! How should this be successfully and quickly handled to avoid paying something I did not order?

Gheens, Louisiana, United States #1237768

Thank you! I learned the same too.

I had two free books one month, and then they charged after. I am never doing that again.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1191466

If you ever get paperback copies of series books in the mail and you don't want them. All you have to do is not open them and write "RETURN TO SENDER" on the front of the package.

Put it in the mail and it won't cost anything. Then you can still CANCEL your membership or return any future shipments as long as they are "UNOPENED".


I just got the same. Mad as h*LL. wILL FIGHT THIS!!!!!

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